Rubach - Рубан 

An ancient Hebrew genus and later Russian noble family leading its history from Russia to Ukraine , Poland , Germany , Norway and Sweden , after Movsha Yelyevich Rubach was granted the title of nobility by the Polish Seim 1783. 

The azure (blue) shield of the Polish type depicts three green flowers wrapped in three leaves. The shield is crowned with a silver-colored noble helmet with a gold visor, the helmet looks straight - this means that the owner was a baronet or a knight; the helmet is crowned with the crown of the marquis. 

Crest: three spikelets. A blue outline on the shield, enclosed with gold - in this case, it means that the coat of arms was approved after the era of knightly tournaments. 

The period of the noble genus: from 1783 Russia to the present day Sweden.


Rubach Coat of arms 1783, Adelsvapen